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Dzu Van Nguyen Scholarship for Military and Veterans
Veteran Memorial Service

Dzu Van Nguyen served in the Vietnamese Army during the Vietnam War. Like many who were drafted out of high school, after the war ended in 1975 he had no vocational skills nor college education. During the transition phase after the war, he and others who fought for South Vietnam struggled to feed their family. In 1985, he and his family immigrated to the United States empty handed. There, he learned how to be a freelance mechanic and eventually opened his own little body shop a decade later. In America, he and his wife worked to raise three children (one of whom founded Next Level Prep). This scholarship is a tribute to him and the people who served in the military. Freedom is not free. Someone always has to pay the price.

Contact Us To Verify Eligibility For Access


Sign up with a .mil email address, or send verification of military involvement.

For family members, your relationship status needs to be verified by the person in the armed forces through their .mil address or documentation.

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