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A YouTube channel highlighting restaurants in the San Francisco East Bay!

We partner with restaurants to support local public school education. Production fees go towards purchasing educational resources for local schools. 

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Full Episodes
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Story Pages of Participating Restaurants
Strictly to Go Pizza
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Sticks n' Poke

The Bigger Purpose

Though the first purpose of this show is to publicize local businesses in the region, the second purpose is to support public school education. Next Level Prep and BrainScanology, Inc have partnered to provide online education training to public schools in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District (MDUSD). MDUSD faces many challenges due to the fact that 47% of its students are from low-income families. Also, 57% of its high school graduates are NOT eligible for the CSU or UC system. Thus, a way of remedying the problem is to inspire students towards community college and a vocational training program (e.g. building safety inspector, radiologic technician, electronics technician, the food industry, entrepreneurship, etc.)


As part of this solution, BrainScanology is offering on-demand STEM courses and Next Level Prep is offering college/career advice to high school students in MDUSD. To make this sustainable, we are creating scholarships funded by local businesses that would like branding in Contra Costa County.  

Educational Resources That Restaurants Purchase for Students
Retail Value of a Subscription: $12.99/month

Series 1 - Leadership Development

  • Leaders Get Promoted: The 5 Types of Leaders

  • What Type of Employees Get Promoted? And Why Doesn’t it Require Straight A’s?

  • How Does Working at a Cafe Prepare You to Be Secretary of State of the United States?

  • How to Put Together a Resume Though You Have No Work Experience


Series 2 - Great Alternatives to 4-Year Universities

  • Why Community College is a Better Deal Than 4-Year Universities

  • Why It’s Easier to Transfer to a UC from Community College Than Getting in as a 1st Year

  • What is The Point of an Education if Not Just for Making Money?

  • Why Vocational Schools are Great Alternatives to 4-Year Universities

  • Vocational Schools Located in the San Francisco East Bay

Series 3 - Workplace Skills Courses

  • The Only 10 Math Things You Need to Know for the Workplace

  • Introduction to Microsoft Excel

  • Ninja-Level Shortcuts for Microsoft Excel

Series 4 - Computer Coding Courses

  • Introduction to the R Programming Language

  • Introduction to the Python Programming Language

Series 5 - Image Analysis for STEM Research (via BrainScanology, Inc)

  • Fundamentals of Image Analysis and Shape Genie (Bronze Package)

  • Shape Genie is software that will become a staple tool in the future of STEM industries

  • Image analysis is great for science fair projects

  • Learn more

Let’s Work Together

Want your restaurant to be featured on the show?


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