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Microsoft Excel is One of the Most Useful Software Programs to Know
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Introduction to Excel

Lesson 1

-Zooming In and Out

-Adding Borders to Cells

-Typing in Words

-Typing in Math Operations

-Manually Modifying Column or Row Size

Lesson 2

-Adding Single Rows or Columns

-Adding Multiple Rows or Columns

-Numerically Formatting Column or Row Size

-Fixing Mistakes: Undo and Redo


Lesson 3

-Formatting the Visual Features of Cells

-Changing Features of Text in Cells

-Clearing Added Formats in Cells

Lesson 4

-Adding Text and Modifying How It Fits in the Cells

-Changing the Wrapping of Text in Cells

-Changing Alignment of Text 

-Clearing All Formats in Cells


Lesson 5

-Copy, Cut, and Paste Functions

-Inserting Copied/Cut Items Within Existing Data

Lesson 6

-Inserting Shapes, Images, and Notes

-Inserting and Removing Links

Lesson 7

-Understand How Your Sheet Will Print on Paper

-Adding New Sheets to Same File

Lesson 8

-Formatting How Numbers and Dates Look

-Formatting Decimal Numbers

-Inserting Non-Number/Letter Symbols

Lesson 9

-Doing Math Using Formulas

-Sum, Average, Count


Lesson 10

-Opening .txt or .csv Files in Excel

-Saving Files in Formats Other Than as Excel Files

Lesson 11

-Dot Plots

-Line Graphs

-Pie Graphs

-Bar Graphs

Sample: Lesson 9 [14 min]

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