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The ONLY 10 Math Things You'll Need For


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We are in the process of creating this course. Check back later or email us about your interest. We will notify you when it is ready. See below for a sample lesson.

Most people have been out of school for a long time. Who remembers all of the math that they learned since high school? Ironically, high school math is all you need unless you're an engineer, scientist, or work with statistics. 


This Course Will Give You the Confidence to:

  • Take on more responsibility to get a promotion.

  • Apply for a new job. 

  • Change your career. 

  • Be wiser with your spending, debt, and investments.

The Course Comes With:

  1. Video Lessons (Lifetime Access)

  2. Practice Problems & Answers

  3. Videos That Explain Answers to Practice Problems

  4. A Discounted Price of $25 for a One-Hour Session With a Consultant About Your Career Preparation

Sample: Lesson 3 - Rates
Sample: Lesson 5 - Part 3 of 3
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