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Next Level Prep

Career Coaching. Academic Prep. Professional Development.

How It Started

Dr. David H. Nguyen, PhD, worked as a college prep consultant for 7 years helping students from wealthy families prepare for college.  During this time, he volunteered his services for low-income families and victims of human trafficking, which made him realize how unfair the system was for people from socioeconomically challenging backgrounds. This realization, however, was nothing new to him since he grew up in a low-income family of immigrants. He thus created tutorial videos to teach career skills to those who could not afford coding camps and career consultants. Those video lessons became the foundational online courses of Next Level Prep. If you are a nonprofit organization seeking free self-paced, on-demand courses for your employees or patrons, please reach out to us. 

Dave photo 1012x1116.jpg
David H. Nguyen, PhD
Founder & Chief Cheerleader

Our coaches have Master's Degrees, PhDs, JDs, and MDs that come with decades of experience.

We are based out of San Francisco Bay Area, CA, but meet our clients online via video conferencing. Distance is not a problem!

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